Problems and complaints are part of our lives

Problems and complaints are part of our lives

adhocsupport-advocacy-communityIf someone were to ask us to recall a situation from the past few days when we had to listen to a friend complain or found ourselves worrying aimlessly, we probably wouldn’t have to think about it for long. Even the most self-confident of people will occasionally find themselves complaining.

Behind every person’s seemingly confident exterior, the same inner fears and insecurities are raging. Quality of life is part of civilised life and the purpose of human life. The ability to avoid problems is one of the greatest parts of our lives. There are different forms and degrees of communicating our vulnerable nature, and the knowledge associated with it determines the outcome.

Our quality of life defines each of our days: staying out of trouble and avoiding it, getting our affairs resolved and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

The fear of loss

Joy is an elemental part of life and can be expressed in many ways through the power of freedom and love. In our fear of losing it, we often make a number of wrong choices.

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The quality of our life

The choices we make determine the quality of our lives. The choices we make about how we organise, develop, and protect each day of our lives. Thinking ahead and being mindful of the consequences of things makes our choices more careful.

PREMIUM quality or just the impression of it?

We like to buy things, get things, enjoy them and in the end sell them to others or give them away. Our lives are permeated with the joy or the hassle of wanting to do something for others. Along with these, we all strive for a better or more liveable quality of life.

Quality of life also includes the ability to solve problems.

It is in vain to learn all sorts of things – ology, geology, astrology and so on. As the Buddhist saying goes, however, if the knowledge of swimming is lost: we may lose our lives in a sinking ship. This is exactly how we can get a solution by engaging a service in our lives that deals with the main problem of daily living.

We buy, we spend, we expect quality and yet, we get something else

adhocsupport-advocacy-communityThe value of the things we can buy for money lies in their quality and usability, and the exchange we get for our money can be good and enjoyable or inconvenient and annoying. Products and services can break down and the ability to solve the issue lacks the problem-solving skills that are not necessarily part of our lives.

Like the Buddhist teacher about swimming, life also tries to present the solution to the problem in time before we need to use it. We may need human help in the absence of one or the other of our abilities. The power of the community can be used to solve problems. Here too, the recently launched Adhoc.Support advocacy community can help us.


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