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The Adhoc.Support advocacy community is made stronger, and more effective through community funding

Our aim is to provide those who join their advocacy community with a multi-faceted, worthwhile, highly useful and impartial source of data, independent of economic and political interests, by processing all consumer product market and commercial complaint opportunities and complaints.

The vision of the Adhoc.Support advocacy community is to make the lives of others better through the results achieved by the community.

The development and viability of the community is achieved through the support that enables the creation and maintenance of a whole range of advocacy products and services created by the community’s operator, WebshopCompany Ltd.

If you want to support a community whose solutions improve people’s lives and put a smile on their faces, Adhoc.Support is the perfect choice.

Two reasons why you should support us for the present and future of you and your family:

  1. If you support us, your life will be better! You’re supporting a community dedicated to empowering consumers and helping them resolve complaints. If you ever have a problem with a purchase, the Adhoc.Support team will be there to help you and you’ll never have to worry about whether your complaint is being effectively addressed.
  2. By supporting Adhoc.Support, you’ll be part of a community of people who all want a better world. In other words, supporting us means that you also care about the community and are actively involved in advocacy.

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